Non-profit anti-doping organisation to support teams

Bike Pure launches

Bike Pure, first conceived in 2007 after doping scandals marred the Tour de France, has announced its launch.

The not-for-profit organisation will work alongside the cycling teams to flush out those looking to gain an unfair advantage through doping.

Forward thinking teams strictly monitoring the problem such as Garmin and Chipote, as well as the UCI’s new blood passport program are making good head roads into the problem.

According to Bike Pure’s founder, Myles McCorry, “We devised Bike Pure to let fans and riders take a united stand against the continued damage that is being done to our sport. Sponsors are pulling out of the sport simply because they don’t want to be associated with cheating and the negative connotations that it brings. We decided to promote the clean riders and we fully support life bans where possible to the cheats so that our sport can move on".

McCorry goes on, "We don’t claim to be a complete solution to the doping problem but it gives riders, fans and sponsors a vehicle to voice their own personal feeling, and a stepping-stone to a future where we can trust the performances and put faith in our heroes."

Bike Pure and all its members have independent income, it relies solely on donations, but will increase its campaign over the coming season in the hope that sponsors and manufacturers will be keen to affiliate to Bike Pure’s drug Free stance through positive brand association.

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