Anti Doping organisation asks "why would you not share data once a race has finished?"

Bike Pure calls on pro cyclists to make their data public

Anti doping organisation Bike Pure is calling on professional bike racers, particularly podium finishers, to make their race data available post competition.

Andy Layne, co-founder has stated: "In an unblemished sporting arena, there should be no reason whatsoever for any athlete to have to convince the public that their performances are genuine, but unfortunately, due to the tarnished history of Tour de France podium finishers in recent years, there is still room for improvement. Of course, it is not a stipulation that riders must produce data but we feel strongly that by doing so would provide serious evidence that the sport is changing.

"If podium finishers of grand tours were to provide information such as SRM power data, heart rates and VO2 max it would provide affirmation in the belief that we are entering a new era for the sport. Obviously there may be concerns that rivals could use the information to gauge what condition a rider may be in if released during the event, but releasing such information after an event would go a long way in sending a clear and concise message that performances are genuine. This information could also be stored to become a benchmark in years to come to gauge performances and provide a valid means of tackling doping in sport."

Bike Pure has been in touch with Team Sky seeking Chris Froome’s Tour data (Froome has previously been a Bike Pure advocate while riding with team Barloworld), but claims to have been told it will not be made available by the head of business operations for Team Sky. This has lead to the organisation removing Froome’s bio from its pages, though it stresses they are not insinuating foul play by doing so.

Layne added: "For those who ask ‘Why should riders release their data?’, our reply would simply be ‘Why wouldn’t you?’. World opinion is that pro cycling is tainted and as such, many cycling fans have become non believers. Bike Pure are campaigning for more transparency and emphasis on the publication of data which over time, will help bring the non believers back to the sport."

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