Consumers can pay monthly fee to rent bikes

Bike Leasing Company teams up with Felt, Eddy Merckx, BH and Forme

Bike Leasing Company is celebrating a 1,000 bike portfolio milestone with new manufacturer supply deals.

Touted as the UK’s first bicycle leasing company, deals have been confirmed with BH Bikes, Forme and Hersh, joining a portfolio comprising Kona, Transition, Felt and Eddy Merckx. More manufacturers are expected to follow.

Bike Leasing Company launched in 2011, aiming to help make high-value mountain, cyclocross, and road bikes more affordable.

The leasing process appears to largely sidestep the retailer. A mechanic brings the bike to the consumer to set it up. The customer is responsible for servicing the bike properly during the lease, with different packages available that allow the customer to pre-pay for servicing.

“Bike leasing is a very new concept in the UK," said the Bike Leasing Company’s Paul Mander-O’Beirne. "We set out to help British cyclists afford some of the most beautiful bikes on the planet – only, without the budget-busting outlay when you buy them outright. Just a nice easy manageable monthly payment.

“To have already established a portfolio of 1,000 bikes so quickly has surpassed our expectations. And we are extremely grateful for the support of the manufacturers who are already on board. But there is always room for more.”

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