Area is one of the latest to benefit from the cycling encouraging initiative

Bike It focuses on Canterbury

This morning Sustrans Bike It officers gave school cyclists at a Canterbury Primary School a bike check-up and free breakfast.

Pupils cycling to Pilgrim’s Way Primary School had a service to check their bikes were road safe by the officers at the event.

The Canterbury area is one of the latest to join the Bike It scheme, a Sustrans-run and Bike Hub-funded project encouraging children and young people to cycle. The five-year-old Bike It project aims to help assure the future of cycling in England and Wales while also tackling the oncoming obesity problem, which is expected to cost £50 billion by 2050.

Sustrans Bike It Officer David Robert organised the Bike It breakfast. He said: “I am delighted that Canterbury Council has joined the Bike It scheme which aims to increase the number of children cycling or walking to school. We are extending this service by offering all the school’s cyclists to attend Bike It Breakfast and encourage parents to join the growing number of children choosing to cycle.”

The Bike it project works with over 400 schools and more than 89,000 in England and Wales. 

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