Many PC users have complained they couldn't access the Bike Hub JPG placed on a story last week. [smug mode] Mac users reported no such problems, of course [/smug mode]. So, here are some EPS and TIFF downloads. PLUS: at last week's BA council meeting, Paul Osborne of Sustrans' Safe Routes to School project gave a powerful presentation on why Bike Hub cash was going to be spent on getting more kids cycling to school. Download his presentation here in Powerpoint format (there's some meaty stats on children's travel modes in the UK, the US and countries such as Denmark)

BIKE HUB: graphic uploads, second attempt


Web-friendly graphics (thanks to Si Watts of…/bikehub-logo-web-100.gif…/bikehub-logo-1.gif

Small file size:…/BikeHubBlack.jpg

Big file size:…/BikeHubOrange.tif


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