Customer already got a bike? From March, commuters will be able to buy helmets, lights, etc, through C2W without including a bike in their request

Bike commuters can now use Cycle to Work to buy ‘safety equipment’

HMRC has clarified guidance governing the Cycle to Work scheme and confirmed that participants can obtain safety equipment and accessories without the need to include a bike in their request.

The usual limit of £1,000 will apply to ‘safety equipment only’ packages, with a £100 minimum.

The Government’s Cycle to Work initiative has been widely regarded as a key driving force behind the cycle industry in recent years, as well as for encouraging commuters to get on bikes rather than in their cars.

Cycle to Work provider Cyclescheme will be offering participants the opportunity to obtain ‘safety equipment only’ packages through its scheme as of March 1st 2013.

"In a recent survey of Cyclescheme participants it was revealed that nearly 80 per cent of people obtain a bike through the scheme only once," explained Cyclescheme director Daniel Gillborn.

"Offering participants the chance to obtain safety equipment only allows those 80 per cent to re-enter the scheme to obtain all the essential kit they need (or perhaps missed off on their original application) for their commute.

"Giving participants the tools to be able to cycle more frequently and confidently is an important message and one that safety equipment only packages will help reinforce. In turn, this will help to ensure participants have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable commute.

"Independent bicycle dealers stand to benefit too as the potential for repeat business, up selling and improved customer loyalty looks set to increase as customers return to stores looking to obtain safety equipment only packages worth up to £1,000."

Other Cycle to Work providers are available. There’s more on Cycle to Work here.

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