Some of the eye-catching bike offerings appearing at today's event

BigBMX, Create, Contour and E-Lifestyle Bikes head to Gadget Show Live Pro

The debut trade-only Gadget Show Live Professional event takes place today (Tuesday April 12th) followed by the consumer show running from Wednesday April 13th to Sunday April 17th. BikeBiz interviewed the show organiser about the inaugural ‘Pro’ day, but here are some of the sights appearing at the show…

E-Lifestylebikes will be showing off its range at the show, featuring high quality electric bikes and electric scooters. Grace is a range of electric bikes and scooters which can be customised for performance and style, while Elmoto is a straight up e-scooter.

The show will also see BigBMX, alongside the firm’s balance bikes. The appropriately names LittleBMX will also be appearing at GSL.

The firm tells BikeBiz its key aim at the show is to promote brand awareness, with its exhibition stand being CNC machined at time of press. The firm will run a competition to win a bike by submitting suggestions for its 2012 Facebook game.

The company will be coming to the show off the back of a Hollyoaks appearance for BigBMX and the forthcoming website launch.

London-based Create will be bringing its colourful fixed gear bikes and parts to the NEC. Pitched as making fixie fashion bikes accessible and affordable to a wider range of consumers, Create bike are manufactured with a flip-flop hub designed to accept sprockets on either side. The eye catching range is sure to grab the attention of GSL attendees.

Hands-free video camera specialist Contour is launching a Connect View Card and Viewfinder App for the ContourGPS video camera. The hands-free camera captures location and HD video and with the ConnectView card can connect with the iPhone and iPod touch over Bluetooth. Once the connection is established the Viewfinder App enables the iPhone or iPod touch to act as a live viewfinder. The App is a free piece of software that enables the connection.

Other sights to appear at the Gadget Show Live Professional include:
Bicygnals’ bike indicator lights, Veho’s super small sport video cameras, Big Cat electric bikes and Pacific Europe. Cycle Show will also be arriving at the NEC early by appearing at the Gadget Show.

There’s more on the show here.

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