...for a brilliant night out, food and drink provided. Book soon or you may get a visit from 'da boys'

Big Al wants YOU…

Its not unusual for a trade show to have an official knees-up but most are staged with little imagination.

Not so, David Hyde booze-ups. He themes his nights. For a BA show he staged an Oompah Band night. Sounds terrible but was enormous fun (once you had imbibed a few glasses of red wine, that is). And, at his first independently run show, who could forget the multi-faceted night of bouncy castles, fortune telling, bucking bronco rides, and inflatable sumo wrestling suits?

For the 2001 Cycle & Leisure Show hes come up with a gangster theme: Night out at Big Als.

Big Al invites you…and he doesnt take kindly to refusals, warns Hydes promotional leaflet.

For £21.50 plus VAT you get a Big Al cocktail, a meal, some wine, a floor show and dancing til late. BikeBiz has booked four tickets.

Big Al is not a reference to Al, the BikeBiz ads manager, but a nod to Al Fresco, the tagged-on outdoor show running next to the Cycle and Leisure Show.

Hydes flyer ends with a load of spoof character references for Big Al.

I only had one complaint and that was dealt with instantly.

Bed 12, Ward Nine, Chicago Bones Unit

Big Al always keeps on the right side of the law…Youll never find a more generous man.

Chief of Police, 18th Precinct, Chicago

Big Al gave me my first big break on the stage, he even offered to personally direct my first movie.

Daisy Devine, exotic dancer and actress

Big Al gave me my first break too.

Bed 13, Ward Nine, Chicago Bones Unit

The grand jury will find me innocent.

Big Al

BikeBiz has booked four tickets. Join us on Sunday 4th March in the NECs Gallery Suite.

Tel: 01926 815 597

Email: hyde@exibit.demon.co.uk

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