With the death toll from the Asian earthquake disaster still rising, one small part of the recovery process for the countries affected could be the access-all-areas bicycle. A US charity is aiming to ship out bicycles to Indonesia, other bicycle refurbishment charities could follow suit.

Bicycles can help countries recover from Tsunami damage

A North Carolina bicycle refurbishment charity wants to ship 1000 bicycles to tsunami victims in Indonesia.

Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation in Asia and the tsunami damage has made automobile travel even more difficult than usual, said Jacklyn Phillips of the Bicycle Ministry of Gates County.

A local trucking firm has pledged to delivery the bikes to airports for free and another business has promised warehouse storage space, reports the Associated Press.

The used bikes are refurbed by prisoners.

"I need all the donations of bicycles that anyone can make," said Phillips. "It doesn’t matter what condition the bikes are in, the prisoners will fix them up."

Other bicycle refurb charities in the US and the UK could divert bicycles normally delivered to Africa and send them to those countries in southern Asia impacted by Boxing Day’s tsunami.

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