Bicycles By Design partners with Duratec

Bicycles By Design and Duratec have announced the introduction of the Phantom road bike in the UK.

The frame, which has been crafted from the world’s strongest carbon fibre, was designed and hand-made in Europe, and weighs just 760 grams.

Duratec utilised a new technology on the project in which the frame in hardened from a single piece of material and subsequently contains no glued parts or joints.

The Phantom frame was officially introduced and presented by Jiří Ježek, the world’s most successful disabled cyclist, who has been racing on Duratec bikes for 15 seasons and has become an established face of the Duratec brand over his career.

For the new model, Duratec relied on high-quality materials and demanding technical parameters in order to achieve a low weight frame with high levels of rigidity. The fibres Toray T1100 and Granoc, which are used to make the Phantom, are made in Japan.

Combined with Nanoalloy resin, the fibres are considered to be the strongest in the world; the same material is also used to build Formula One cars.

The composite unit consists of four hundred pieces, each one of which has its precise position, alignment, shape and level. The fitting of the fibres is a factor that fundamentally influences the resultant product. Duratec developed its own AFCF fitting technology back in 2010.

In early April, the Phantom will be launched in the UK at Bespoked 2017.

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