US designer secures funding for handlebar-mounted computer screen which doubles as crash recorder and digital rear view mirror.

Bicycle crash recorder screen gets funding

Bike designer Evan Solida has tweeted that his Cerevellum Hindsight 35 digital rearview camera has received funding to bring it to market and that he will be displaying the product at Interbike.

"As of today, Cerevellum has FULL investment. Look for us at Interbike 2011!!! And on a ProTour team next year."

The Hindsight 35 LCD screen affixes to the handlebars with a camera fitting to rear stays or seatpost. Crash recording is done by continuously recording loops of video both in front and behind the bicycle. With an integrated G-sensor, the Hindsight can detect large impacts and will cease recording 10-seconds after any major shock, leaving the cyclist with video evidence of whatever occurred leading up to the crash or smash.

The concept was patented in 2006 and the product has gone through a number of iterations since then.

The Hindsight 35 also acts as a standard cycle computer and can also monitor what’s behind the cyclist at all times. Many SMIDSY ‘accidents’ are caused by motorists hitting unsuspecting cyclists from behind.

Solida, was a 2004 Kansas state champion cyclist, but was hit from behind by a motorist, hence his development of the Hindsight.

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