Original design from 45 years ago is updated with modern tech and expertise

Bickerton updates the Sterling with 21st Century tech

45 years after the inception of the original Bickerton Portable Bicycle, the brand has launched the Sterling.

The brand returned to business in 2013 after over a decade break. Bickerton Portable is said to be the world’s oldest folding bike brand and the father of the modern folding bike.

The Sterling has been inspired by Harry Bickerton’s original 1971 design, paying homage to the rectangular frame and hinge abutments, but adding modern design, materials and technology to make a super-strong and stiff frame; so strong that it more than doubles the requirement for the ISO test. The brand said it is a rock solid ride, with an easy, quick fold. Combined with ergonomically curved handlebars and brand new “Vantage geometry”, the bike delivers "an outstanding ride, with an upright and comfortable riding position".

Mark Bickerton told BikeBiz: "We’re very excited. It’s a new frame platform that has been based on the design ideas we had at Bickerton 40 years ago, added to with modern materials and expertise."

The Sterling will retail between £350 and £900, depending on specification (it comes in three levels). If you’re at the Taipei Cycle Show this week (running March 2nd to 5th 2016) you can find Bickerton’s range at stand M1119 in Hall 1, 4th floor.

The brand will be looking for cement some global deals at the show, Bickerton told BikeBiz: "Bickerton has seen quick growth and we have a number of meetings at Taipei with a view to expanding our international distribution. International business is key for us."

Bickerton expanded on the new Sterling: "The elegant hinge assembly has a low profile design. For strength and a long life span, it uses integrated bearings and stainless steel pivot pins giving smooth folding and easy serviceability. The lightweight interlocking three dimensional structure of the hinge abutment prevents torsional movement better than any other folding bike hinge. With a secondary safety lock and a high-leverage latch, it is easy to open and close, and because the lever lies flat against the frame when folded it is very neat and the whole mechanism is well protected during riding and transport.”


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