Silverstone firm introduces three product line now available to dealers

BG Innovations enters cycle lubrication and cleaning arena

BG Innovations, a part of Team BG, has announced its plans to enter the cycling market with both lubrication and bike protection products.

The firm’s newly introduced PRO range will initially be made up of ‘PROclean-gold’, an 100 per cent natural plant based degreaser and cleaner, and two ‘PROtecht’ products, designed to prevent corrosion and provide protection for bikes from mud, water, salt, acid and other corrosive substances.

The firm is best known for its long history in the motorsport and car industry.

Ian Taylor from BG Innovations said of the product: “PROclean-gold is acid free and biodegradable yet it removes dirt, dust and grease from any surface in seconds with minimal work involved. For frame builders and renovators it also leaves the surface perfectly clean in preparation for painting.

"The PROtecht 1 and 2 products use Nano-technology to offer levels of resistance to corrosion and moisture repellency almost unheard of previously, with PROtecht-1 also leaving the surface luster in the same state as you began, be it bright, shiny or matt."

All products are packaged in aerosol form and are VOC free. Prices start at £9.95 (retail) for PROclean-gold, £14.95 for PROtecht-1 and £13.50 for PROtecht-2 with what the firm says are ‘good retailer margins’ available across the range.

Stock is now available to retailers in the cycling market and the Silverstone-based firm are contactable on +44 7930 180 656.

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