A British 'sports biomechanic' believes his carbon-fibre Power Plate beats Greg Lemond's LeWedge hands down.

Best foot forward innovation to launch at Revolution

Power Plate inventor Clifton Bradeley will launch his shoe insole insert at track event Revolution in Manchester on 21st January.

He said the device prevents the power-sapping problem of forefoot eversion during the downward pedaling action.

The Power Plate has been backed by Yvonne McGregor MBE, the 2000 World Cycling Champion and Olympic bronze medalist. She will be at the launch and said: “This invention has terrific potential for competitive cyclists across the globe. I just wish Power plates had been around in the previous Olympics.”

Bradeley, an ex-international athlete, is marketing the Power Plate via his company, Sub4 of Stoke on Trent.

He said: “Wedges alter foot movement at the ankle joint as a whole but they do not control the intricate movements within the fine biomechanics of the foot."

Power Plate work by "aligning two particular axes of motion in the foot creating a powerful downward lever with no unwanted motion inside the cycling shoe," said Bradeley.

"The rear of the Power Plate where the heel sits is inverted by four degrees which is much more efficient position for the cycling foot. It also helps to reduce the risk of injury and increase what is called ‘proprioceptive awareness’ – your body’s way of informing you about fatigue and potential problems.

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