Judges and public club together to pick their best in show bikes

Bespoked Bristol: the judge’s picks

Bespoked Bristol has revealed this year’s award winners, as voted by both a panel of judges and the public.

With over 5,000 people passing through, the handmade show hosted ninety framebuilders, thirty of them new to the show. Bikebiz’s gallery from the show floor can be found here.

The diversity on show was greater than ever, a veritable feast of road, cyclocross, utility, mountain, BMX, cargo, touring and some simply eccentric bicycles. There was innovation in abundence with Caren Hartley’s award-winning ‘Porkeur’ – a cross between a traditional porteur and a modern fat mountain bike, to Peter Charnaud’s full suspension wooden bike, to bicycle powered printing-presses, expresso machines and of course Longstaff’s wheel-chair accessible (and portable) tandem, for which they won the Steve Worland Innovation Award.

The winners were:

Best in Show – Rowan Frameworks – supported by Reynolds

Best Road Bicycle – Donhou Bicycles – supported by Columbus

Best Off Road bicycle – Swarf Bicycles – supported by Schwalbe

Best Touring bicycle – Hallett Handbuilt Cycles – supported by Reynolds 

Best Track bicycle – Moss Bicycles – supported by Columbus

Best Cyclo-cross bicycle – Saffron Frameworks – supported by Schwalbe

Best Utility bicycle – Hartley Cycles – supported by Brooks

Best New FrameBuilder – Rowan Frameworks – supported by Academy Tools

Best Alternative Material –Craddock Cycles – supported by Schwalbe

The Steve Worland Innovation Award – Longstaff

Spirit of Cycling – Camille McMillan

Best finish / paint – supported by Brooks – Satoma Cycles

Public Vote – Toad Cycles – supported by Schwalbe

Cycling Goods and Design Show – Best in Show – Wildcat Gear – Supported by Schwalbe 

Constructors Challenge 

Winner – Velopresso – Supported by Brooks

Runner Up – Rodford Velo – Supported by Schwalbe 

The show’s own panel of judges were:

Nick Hand – Slow Coast 

Tom Warmerdam – Demon Frameworks

Tony Farrelly – Road CC

Graeme Freestone King – Velotech

Ricky Feather – Feather Cycles 

Juliet Elliot – Bikes & Stuff, Coven Magazine 

Jamie Younger – Freshtripe 

Matt Skinner – Shift Active Media 

Jason Rourke – Rourke’s 

Rob Penn – It’s All About The Bike 

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