From the land of Kona, Cove and Rocky Mountain comes some cycling-specific jewellery and leather products. Some you could sell, others you could wear as ‘corporate clothing’

Belt up, corporate-style

Yesterday got a polite email from Caroline Knight of of Canada asking us whether we’d like to provide a link to her site in return for one pointing to our site. John Atkin Cycles has done so already so we thought, well, why not.

Other links on include an American glass-maker who specialises in making glass miniatures of bicycles (perfect for atop wedding cakes or adding to a wooden trophy plinth).

The Bike-BodyGear site itself features the work of James Brooks, an elite mountain bike/road bike rider who is also a craftsman and artist plying his trade in one of Canada’s most scenic outdoor playgrounds, the Gatineau Park.

Whilst Brooks makes the stuff, Knight promotes it through the website. She’s also a cycle nut. For the past nine years she has organised a weekly crit series and has been corner marshall at over 200 bicycle races.

So, what’s on offer at

There’s an extensive line up of bracelets and necklaces made with spoke nipples, washers and various coloured baubles.

The necklaces feature a ‘break away’ feature so there’s no risk of strangulation should a cyclist wearing the jewellery come a cropper. A nylon-coated, 47 strand, stainless steel rope, with a break strength of 40 lb, is attached to a weak link near the clasp so that in the event of being pulled firmly it will give way.

There’s also some fine leather products, many of which can be customised with embossed shop or company logos.

The tread pouch is made from the casing of an unused mountain bike tyre and has a dome fastener which encloses a flexible leather pouch with a draw fastener, perfect for diddy phones or credit cards. And just imagine what these would look like made from Sweetskinz patterned tyres!

For the full-on corporate look a shop could kit out staff with leather-and-chain-link watch straps and matching leather belts embossed with the shop logo.

Expensive, but of premium quality, is the musette shoulder bag, based on an English bridle design. The bags have rivets in the stress points.

“The musette bag is the ultimate bag for touring around town or accommodating school/work materials,” said Knight. The flap can be stamped with a company logo.


Sweetskinz ‘patterned’ tyres…/article.php?id=1666

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