Beachbody Performance today announced its brand new addition to the Ironman race experience

Beachbody Performance debuts recover zone at Ironman

Beachbody Performance today announced a welcome and unique addition to the Ironman race experience. A Recover Zone will be stationed at the finish line of every Ironman triathlon in the United States for the 2016 race season.

The brand says that the Beachbody Performance Recover Zone will strive to be a relaxing and comforting rest area for athletes who have just completed the full-distance 140.6-mile triathlon. The Zone will feature turf to sprawl on, inflatable chairs, post-event recovery fueling, massage tools and a soothing ambiance to serve as a “transition area three” – designed to transition athletes from the intensity of competition into a post-race state of mind.

“It sounds like a simple idea, but it actually stems from our own staff’s experience in racing Ironman events,” said Jon Congdon, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Beachbody LLC.

“The race experience and amenities at an Ironman are unmatched, but we did think there was an area we could help support: a place for athletes to compose themselves, to rest comfortably for a short while, and to reconnect with friends and family before leaving the athlete’s village. We also can provide post-race sports nutrition supplements in a critical time period to help speed their recovery after the race.”

“Beachbody’s Recover Zone is a welcome amenity that complements the enormity of the effort required to finish an Ironman,” said Carola Ross, Chief Sales Officer for Ironman. “It also shows that brands can be creative in their activations at an Ironman event, while enhancing the race experience for our athletes. 

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