British Cycling's Premier Calendar race series for 2003 will be very sponsor friendly, with multiple brand placement opportunities and corporate entertainment options. And BC is also seeking retail partners in each location. No official cycle media partner has been appointed yet.

BC seeks race series sponsors, and event retailers

According to a document titled ‘Membership & Event Services Support’, next year’s Premier Calendar series of British Cycling organised events will be plastered with logos.

A main sponsor and co-sponsors will get "branding rights" on barriers, gantry, podium and publicity unit.

Cycling Weekly may be the main cycle media sponsor, but this has yet to be agreed.

A Premier Calendar yearbook may also be produced, where each race would have details of the course, start time and race timetable, how to get there, race hotel, race website address as well as acting as an introduction to road racing, and listing previous Premier Calendar winners, UK star riders, and details of the National Championship Road Race, and how to join British Cycling.

A percentage of the sponsor income would be spent on the retention of a PR company, that would "service the main sponsor and co-sponsors throughout the series, and also be available for a set number of hours for each promoter, to help them achieve maximum exposure for their events."

A “Premier Calendar Supporter” scheme has also been mooted, where individuals who wanted to support the race seriesd with a cash contribution would receive limited edition branded clothing, and an invitation to their nearest event.

"The PR company could also arrange for cycle traders to attend and trade at the event with income divided between PR Co & Promoter," says the BC document.

Here’s the lowdown from the BC document:

Title sponsor to receive branding rights on:

• On half of the finish gantry (entry & exit sides) and 6 x 2.4 x 1.2m Foamex advertising boards, one pair adjacent to finish line, and other 2 pairs at each end of barrier line in finish area

• On four flag signs along finish

• On riders race numbers (when available) and riders frame numbers

• On podium backdrop (when available)

• On bulkhead, rear panel and headboard of BC publicity unit

• On 3 x Transit Technical Services vans March-Sept

• On BC accredited Neutral Service vehicles when attending PC events

• On BC Photofinish tower when attending PC events

• On BC Website Premier Calendar page(s), with a link to own website

• In Cycling Weekly features throughout season (if CW are exclusive media sponsors of PC)

• On PC leaders jersey

• PC programme cover

Other benefits:

• Literature distribution point in BC Publicity Unit

• Literature distribution at Public shows, if attended by BC – Cycling 2003, Bike 2003, Cycle 2003, Good Health Show etc.

• Veto on co-sponsors where there is a brand, service or sector clash.

Not included in above fee, but available to Title sponsor:

• TV production “newsreel” footage for feed to local TV station for Monday night news

• Branded Sponsors guest vehicle to attend every event, for sponsors customers and guests local to the PC event. (Where the local main race sponsor is a motor manufacturer or motor dealer, a separate vehicle may need to be provided by local sponsor).

• Hospitality at each event for sponsors customers and guests (available through PC PR company, or sponsors own provider). This may be a joint provision with the local promoter, who is likely to have Council members, dignitaries and guests to entertain).

• Branded clothing for main race officials

Supporting sponsor of Premier Calendar series (10 events)

Supporting sponsor to receive branding rights:

2 x 2.4 x 1.2m Foamex advertising boards, on barrier line in finish area

On two flag signs along finish

On podium backdrop (when available)

On BC Website Premier Calendar page(s), with a link to own website

In Cycling Weekly features throughout season (if CW are exclusive media sponsors of PC)

On BC publicity unit

In PC programme

Other benefits:

• Exclusive supplier categories available – tyres, hotels, leaders jerseys, maps, media, timing, vehicles, safety supplies, flowers

Both title sponsor and co-sponsors would have 10% of their fee spent on branding, 10% on Yearbook advertising and distribution and 10% on PR support/design.

30th March Archer Grand Prix Beaconsfield, Bucks

19th/21st April Girvan Stage Race Girvan, Scotland

27th April Lancaster-Mercedes GP Essex

11th May Lincoln Intern’l GP Lincoln

7th/8th June Ness Monster Stage Race Inverness, Scotland

15th June Five Valleys Road Race Port Talbot, Wales

5th/6th July Tour of Northumberland Edmundbyers, Co.Durham

24th July Manx International Isle of Man

10th August Havant International GP Havant, Hampshire

7th September Tour of the Peak Buxton, Derbyshire

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