The BBC is looking for people who have personal stories of travel misery. "Does your car journey to work drive you to despair? Is the school run simply too much to bear? Is your road so gridlocked that it endangers your family and makes living and travelling a nightmare?" And solutions will be offered...

BBC to investigate ‘Gridlock UK’

A series of TV programmes, themed features, and online content will be aired in February. ‘Gridlock UK’ will take a similar, broad-brush approach as the BBC’s ‘NHS Day’ and ‘Crime Day’ in 2002.

The BBC wants to find motorists for whom "a five-minute walk to the newsagent is just too much." That will be an easy search because, if government statistics are anything to go by, the majority of journeys are very short, yet cars are still used.

The BBC also wants to find a car-free family, "a family who lives without a car and cannot understand the obsession with four-wheel travel."

‘Gridlock UK’ will seek to apportion blame for the current situation and provide solutions.

As we all know, greater use of bicycles – as is commonplace in Denmark and the Netherlands – is a key solution.

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