Britain's David Millar is a self-confessed drug cheat but has now served his two year ban and is both repentant and "100 per cent clean." The same cannot be said for many other Tour de France contenders: 20 are likely to be pulled from the Tour today as the Spanish doping scandal continues to wreak havoc. Listen to Basso in an interview conducted at the Team CSC launch in mid-June. NOTE: those pulled from the Tour are accused of blood doping but no official charges have been laid, all are innocent until proven guilty, the suspensions are sending out a strong clear message to pro cyclists: don't dope, bad for you, for the sport and for sponsors.

Basso also pulled from Tour; Millar to lead charge for ‘clean cycling’

David Millar is now the poster child for clean cycling. Two years ago his flat was raided and phials of EPO found. Britian’s time trial specialist nose-dived but has come back clean and ready to urge other athletes to go drug-free for the good of themselves, and cycling.

Watching the Tour last year on TV last year, Millar regretted his actions, he said at a pre-Tour press conference:

"It was like seeing it from the eyes of a child. That’s when I realised the opportunity I’d had, and how I wasted it. It is a beautiful sport despite everything and I have been blessed with a talent. I just had to ride again."

"I made a lot of mistakes, I cheated, I lied. But I am the one who has to live with that. I am the one with regrets. I have learnt that you have to lose everything before you can gain something. I want people to know I am doing this 100 per cent clean. It could take years for people to believe me. But I want what happened to me to be a positive story.

"I hope the message I can send out is that you can win the biggest races in cycling without doping."


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