Raleigh chairman Phillip Darnton is in the Nottingham company's employ until the end of April. He then leads the marketing push for the National Cycling Strategy Board and will soon be elected president of the Bicycle Association, after the withdrawal of would-be president Hamish Stewart of Weldtite. Darnton believes we would all be better served by organisations that fought not with each other but for the greater good of cycling.

BA’s president elect calls for cycle orgs to work as one

Phillip Darnton will be guest of honour at CTC’s 125 anniversary National Dinner on April 26th and will deliver a speech on why cycle organisations which worked together could unlock government cash.

Cycling organisations are famously splintered, and usually pull in different directions, or, at worst, actively fight with each other.

"The thing that astounds me is that so much passion for cycling has created so much misunderstanding and antipathy between all kinds of people sharing that passion," said Darnton, giving a taster of his speech at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre.

"If this passion could be properly husbanded instead of being directed into internal fighting, the effects would be fantastic, and Kevin Mayne [CTC Director] is working tremendously hard with British Cycling, Sustrans and others to achieve this."

Darnton’s work with the advertising agency which created the Floodline logo and marketing will also be previewed.

"The Board’s marketing initiative is showing the Department for Transport that the whole spectrum of cycling’s voluntary bodies and funded groups can work together and that this is what we want to do. That is the way to unlock government funding."

Dinner tickets cost £25. To book call Della McGavin on 01483 520737 or email della.mcgavin@ctc.org.uk

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