Linda Perham, Labour MP for Ilford North, has tabled an Early Day Motion against the use of pedicabs and rickshaws in London, calling them "dangerous...deathtraps" that are "expensive" and a "third world transport mode." Watch out for any MPs signing the motion, and try to get them to support a wonderfully funny amendment instead...

Bananas MP wants to ban rickshaws from London’s streets

Perham is championing the anti-rickshaw campaign of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association.

LTDA general secretary Bob Oddy said rickshaw riders were "neferious…pirates" who "dupe" passengers "into joyriding in their potential death-traps."

For the full text of Oddy’s editorial rant, go here:…/pg03.htm

Here’s Perham’s motion, the wording of which is uncannily like the editorial penned by Oddy:


That this House notes with dismay the increasing number of pedicabs or rickshaws on the streets of London; believes that pedicabs are deathtraps, since their construction and maintenance standards are unchecked and unregulated, and their riders often inexperienced about London’s streets and traffic; notes that pedicab fares are unregulated and are up to five times more than London taxi prices; and believes that far from being a colourful addition to the streetscape in the capital pedicabs are a dangerous, expensive and third world transport mode unneeded in a world class city.

Check which MPs sign up to Perham’s potty proposal here:…/ref=795

If need be, lobby your own MP by locating them here:

Jane Griffiths MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, has added an amendment which would turn the EDM on its head:

Line 1, leave out from `with’ to end and insert `delight the increasing number of pedicabs or rickshaws on the streets of London; notes that pedicab fares are unregulated; calls on the Government to consider introducing pedicab fare regulation; and believes that pedicabs are a colourful addition to the streetscape in a world class city.’

Here’s what Ms Perham looks like:

It will be interesting to see whether she gets much support for her EDM. It’s unlikely to be as successful as a previous one. Last year she got 101 MPs to sign her EDM requesting the Palace of Westminster should stock Fairtrade bananas…

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