$15,000 goal met in three days for build your own bamboo bike kit

Bamboobee build it yourself kit beats Kickstarter goal

Bamboobee’s Kickstarter project, which with a pledge of just $169 will see users supplied with a build your own frame kit, has been upgraded to include Disc and Belt drive options.

Having smashed its $15,000 funding goal in three days, Bamboobee’s Kickstarter is now aiming for the sky with a new $150,000 goal. Referral to friends will also now earn customers a discount of anything up to 15 per cent.

The kit, which comes with a self assembled frame jig, as well as the tubes cut to your preferred frame size, should take around three days to fully assemble and set. 

Three sizes are available; Small for those of around 5ft 7in or below, medium for those around 5 ft 7in to 5ft 11in and large for anyone above 5 ft 11in.

Due to shipping legislation the only ingredient not included in the kit is the epoxy solution needed to bond the tubes with the hemp fibres used at the joins.

Read more about the project’s goals and how you can get your hands on a kit here.

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