Still wading through the hundreds of returned data correction forms (and still booking ads) so the BikeBizBible wont be out until mid-September but, get this, well produce it twice a year

B3: so good well bring it out twice

Of course, the data will soon be kept bang up to date on the online database but those without internet access will get a B3 refresher six months after the full B3 was published.

This wont be ring bound like the pukka book but will contain all the address changes and deletions that happened after B3 was published.

And like the main book, it will be sent free to 2500 trade addresses.

If you booked an ad in B3 by ticking a box on the data correction form please contact Al if he wasnt already contacted you because, with so many forms to check, some expanded entry requests may be missed, especially if your tick wasnt big and bold.

And theres still time to book ads the £95 expanded entries are flying out of the door call Al on 0191 285 4408 or email,

In other news...

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