£650 will buy you 8.2kg hard case

B & W International launches ‘lightest’ hard case

B&W International has launched what it is claiming to be the "world’s lightest and strongest" hardcase available.

Selling for £650, the 8.2kg case is a collaboration with the German manufacturer of a material dubbed Curv.

Curv is described as a unique and innovative material that combines high stiffness and tensile strength with outstanding impact resistance and low weight. B&W’s bike guard Curv weighs only 8.2kg, with the full pack of accessories, including 29” wheel bags and gear bags, taking the total weight to only 10.9kg.

The bike frame is fixed to the lower shell with a ‘variable fixing system’ – it’s held away from the shell on foam blocks which are positioned as required on Velcro strips. There are protectors for all vulnerable components, two wheel bags, and four gear bags which are designed to fit around the frame. The bike guard curv is compressed and held tightly closed with three straps, incorporating steel tensioning lockable buckles, suitable for TSA compatible locks.

Conforming to the requirements of all major airlines, the box rolls effort free on four wheels, helping the owner breeze through check in.

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