Five years in jail, or $68,000 fine for cyclists that have killed or seriously injured a pedestrian

Australia passes tough new laws for cyclists

Cyclists are the subject of tough new measures introduced in Victoria, Australia this month, following an increased ‘legitimisation’ of cycling.

According to this report from The Age, a cyclist found guilty of killing or seriously injuring a pedestrian could face five years in jail or be fined up to $68,000.

Previously cyclists could only be fined up to $567 for dangerous, careless or reckless cycling.

The new law was brought in to reduce injuries and deaths among pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

The move follows a growing acceptance of cycling, according to road minister Tim Pallas: "Cycling is becoming a legitimate form of transport.

"But (with the recognition) that this is an important means of transport comes increased responsibility. This Government will come down hard on bad behaviour because there is a real consequence.

"Cyclists need to recognise that, if they do occasion damage, they have responsibilities. They do need to stop,” Pallas added.

Pallas launched the laws last week at a Bourke Street bicycle shop.

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