This month BikeBiz recommends becoming helmet cam clad and filming our journey on eco-concious saddles, lightweight wheels and, if you’d like, in the Buff too.

August new product round up

JVC Adixxion GC-XA2
Direct to retail: 0208 208 7597

Following on from its original Adixxion camera, JVC has bolstered the range with the water, shock, dust and freeze proof GC-XA2.
With no additional protective housing required to protect the slimline unit, the user is ready to roll right out of the box. With an LCD screen and Wi-Fi built into the camera, there are no extra modules to add either. Powerful recording functions include 1920 x 1080 50p full HD video. as well as 100fps 1280 x 720 high-speed recording for high quality slow motion. Wi-Fi enables real-time checking, as well as live streaming over the Internet.
Weighing just 135 grams, despite all the protection offered, the unit will comfortably attach to a helmet or handlebar, with mount holes on the sides and bottom.
The GC-XA2 also trumps its prior model, offering improved image stabilization, a higher-resolution LCD monitor with Auto off and Auto brightness functions, a higher-resolution image sensor, a higher audio bit rate and better noise reduction.
Stock will be with JVC by the time this magazine hits doormats early in August.


Wildoo has created an in-house designed and made label producing waterproof smartphone cases, dubbed the VeloPac.
Chicken Cyclekit, who will exclusively handle the UK distribution, already have stock of the £5.99 sleeve, which comes presented on a header card for display on slatwall.
Made from waterproof PVC and designed to perfectly fit a jersey or jacket rear pocket, the VeloPac is semi-rigid and will not ‘float’ around the pocket, so helping to prevent ‘pocket sag’.
All makes of smartphone with up to a 5.5-inch screen will fit VeloPac snugly, with full operation of the touch screen still on offer and the unit will come in six colours.

Easton EC90 Aero 55
Zyro: 01845 521700

Easton has introduced the EC90 Aero 55 Tubular and Clincher, two completely new carbon fibre wheelsets, hand built around the new Echo hub and featuring the wind-tunnel proven Fantom rim shape.
Available from Zyro at the beginning of Autumn the wheelsets will come in at 1,330 grams for the tubular and the 1,580g for the clinchers.
Boasting to be the only road tubeless certified carbon wheels currently available and to weigh in nearly as light as climbing-suited wheels, the Aero 55’s Fanton rim shape is un-troubled by cross winds and highly capable under intense braking.
To this end, Easton has developed a fixture at their Scotts Valley, California, headquarters that tests braking in high heat for a sustained period. Variations in the rim’s sidewalls are measured dynamically – down to the hundredth of a millimetre – with lasers. The test is designed to kill carbon clincher wheels, yet Easton’s new flagship survived the test twice through.

Brite Ride
Mike Dixon Imports: 01253 343090

As you may have read in these pages last month, Mike Dixon Imports has picked up a new cleaning brand in Brite Ride, a firm co-founded by Sarah Fishwick and Rob Medcalf.
With a unique patented foaming trigger spray, the firm says the solution easily removes dirt, salt and grease in just one coat, which can then simply be rinsed off with water. Having received positive feedback from numerous retailers, as well as the senior mechanics at British Cycling, Brite Ride is off to a strong start. Two new products – a ‘105 Maintenance Spray and Brite Ride Mega Wipes – are due in stock with MDI shortly.
For more information and trade sales details, visit the Mike Dixon B2B at

Kask Infinity
Velobrands: 01404 891208

Kask has been busy trying to create a helmet worthy of Team Sky’s pursuit for glory and has come up with the Inifinity.
Weighing in at just 270 grams, the helmet has been designed from the chin strap up, with aero advantages a key consideration. Uniquely, the firm has allowed the rider to open and close the vents to manage aerodynamic gains and cooling on the ascent, all while in the saddle. When closed, ventilation is provided by two internal airflow channels fed by frontal openings.
Aero credentials are further improved with a side rib, developed and tested to break the airflow in such a way as to reduce to a minimum the low pressure air bubble that would otherwise be created to the rear of the helmet.
5mm thick padding draws away moisture for fast evaporation, while coolmax padding up front further cools the rider.
Stock of the £200 lid lands in the UK this December.

OTE nutrition

If you’re in the market for a new nutrition brand for your store, have a look at UK-made OTE, designed and developed by professional nutritionists and athletes with over twenty years experience in performance sports.
With a range of natural flavours, the carbohydrate rich formulas come in powder and gel form and will offer 20.5 grams of carbs per gel consumed and 40 grams in powder form blended with 500ml of water.
Recovery drinks and bulk packs are also supplied by the upstart, alongside branded water bottles in 600 and 800ml capacities.
A nice touch that you may not spot on first look, is the sachets two tear points – one for emptying into large bottles and one for funnelling the dose into smaller storage.
For more information visit

Buff winter lines
Buffera: 01707 852244

With a strong mark up on all products, dealers have plenty of choice when choosing their Buff lines ahead of the winter.
The 13-14 Reflective Buff has been improved, with breaks in the material allowing the product to stretch and fit easier than on prior reflectives.
The £22 Infinity Wool Buff remains made from 100 per cent merino wool. At 58cm Infinity Wool is shorter than Infinity Recycled Polyester (75cm) and will comfortably provide two loops around the neck. Non itch and naturally anti microbial, it will stay fresher for longer. It is available in four plain colours and four tie-dyed variants.
For harsher temperatures, the Balaclava Buff has finally landed at £20 for Microfibre and £25 for wool. These high stretch tubular garments are seamless at the neck and have only one flat-lock seam on the crown. Designed for a close-fit while offering excellent breathability, they will be ideal for snowboarders, cyclists and other helmet wearers.

Selle Royal Becoz line
Raleigh: 01773 532600

As you may have read on this month, Selle Royal introduced press to its next catalogue ahead of Eurobike this year, with one highlight the eco-friendly Becoz range.
With both grips and saddles utilising a unique blend of CorkGel, natural oils and ecologically sound components, your customer’s contact points will absorb the bumps and look stylish with a unique ‘distressed’ finish.
Corkgel is a combination of 20 per cent bio-sourced polyurethane gel blended with natural cork. The Cortex covers used on the saddles are made from a FSC certified conifer wood flour blend, which covers an 100 per cent bio base, manufactured from Rilsan PA11. Without getting too technical, that’s a plant-based renewable resource, whose polyamides offer good impact strength, chemical resistance and resistance to high temperature.
Four saddle widths feature, with packaging indicating whether the model is unisex or gender specific. Each model will retail for the same price.

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