Now you don't have to dig as much out of the pavement to fit the crime-busting stand

ATLAS launches revamped ‘no-lock’ anti-theft bike stand

Last year we reported on the launch of the anti-theft bike stand from ATLAS. It worked by rolling the bike into grooves in the ground and, when activated, a lock attached to the frame and bolts slipped through the wheel spokes to immobilise the bike.

While cunning, the concept was perhaps slightly flawed in that it required expensive integration with the pavement – or cutting chunks out of the pavement wherever it was installed.

Now ATLAS has had another crack with a concept that crucially doesn’t need so many chunks taken out of the pavement wherever it is located.

Like the original, riders can lock up their bike without using external locks or chains. The bars rotate around the circumference of the wheel to secure the bike and each bar can pivot around one end and be pulled out.

To secure a bicycle in place the two bars need to be rotated to align with the wheels of the bike, then extended out to pass around the bike’s frame and wheel and then snapped back in place to securely lock their free end back into the wheel.

The locks can be deactivated with the use of a smartcard, credit card or smartphone.

This latest version of the bike stand is also more resistant to the elements, according to the makers, Surrey-based R&D CORE Limited. The firm is seeking partnerships to bring the concept to fruition.

More details are available from R&C CORE directly:

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