Training school heralds cycling upsurge and reveals latest course for cycle enthusiasts and professional mechanics

ATG: ‘Cycling is booming in Britain’

ATG Training is offering a course for aspiring bike mechanics and enthusiasts to make the most of the cycling boom.

The two-day Park Tool School training course aims to give participants a good level of ability and confidence in carrying out basic bike repairs and servicing.

An ATG spokesperson said: “Despite the backdrop of economic uncertainty, the chain reaction of Olympic cycling success, health and fitness benefits and ecological impact means that cycling is booming in Britain.

“Many cities report a doubling in cycle use in the past year. Riders are investing in top-of-the range bikes, clubs and competitions are thriving and recreational cycling is more popular than ever. So it makes good sense to take a course which offers the perfect way to turn hobby into a professional skill in 2009.”

Run by qualified and experienced instructors the Park Tool School course involves demos, practical exercises and more. For more details contact ATG on 0161 230 6241.

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