A decoy Marin hardtail was used to close down a bike theft gang in Guildford

ATB Sales help with police sting

Bike crime across Surrey has been reduced by a police sting operation that involved Marin’s UK distributor ATB Sales.

ATB supplied a new bike which was used as bait to catch cycle thieves in the act.

The bike – a Marin hardtail – was chained to a set of railings in Guildford with an inferior lock to tempt the bike snatchers.

230 bikes had been stolen in the Guildford area in a three month period.

The operation was the brainchild of neighbourhood police officer Sean Burridge.

He said: “ATB gave us a great bike and it was just what we needed. Bike crime over the past six months has fallen by 50 percent as a result of this and several other initiatives.”

Ross Patterson, ATB’s sales and marketing director, said: “This operation highlights the need for good bike security and the merits of a strong lock.” 

There’s a comprehensive article on bike security here.

The police put an Immobitag transponder in the bike’s frame. This allows them to identify stolen bikes and return to their rightful owners.

ATB’s Platinum Care programme includes insurance and a subsidised purchase of a transponder device.

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