The owner of the Tour de France has granted a global licence for use of the TdF marque as a bike brand. The licence has been picked up by Iron Horse owner World Wide Cycle Supply of the US. UPDATE: Use of the marque for other bicycle products, such as helmets, is still up for grabs.

ASO licenses TdF marque for bikes

The licensing deal was completed by ASO’s licensing agency MODA.

Michelle Alfandari, president of MODA International Marketing, said:

“World Wide Cycle Supply is a company that has a passion for the sport and a deep understanding of the Tour. They are a proven entity being in the business for 12 years while building a reputation with their Iron Horse brand. Their product development acumen will ensure that Le Tour de France branded bicycles will be unique not just in the branding, but in the design of the bikes themselves.”

"Whether the bicycles are used for pleasure, sport, or transportation. WWCS will develop high quality bicycles for kids and adults, including road bikes, comfort bikes, mountain bikes, at pricepoints that will make the sport and cycling accessible to all.”

Jeremy Botton, Directeur Marketing Adjoint Image-Marques-Produits Derives of ASO said:

“I am particularly pleased that the Tour de France will be extended to bikes that will encourage people of all ages to participate in cycling. Cycling is one of the few inclusive sports with broad appeal to kids and adults of all ages."

Stew Barnett, President of WWCS said that the Tour de France gives him a brand with worldwide acclaim – known not just by enthusiasts – and will provide instant recognition for a "quality line of affordably priced bicycles."

Barnett said:

“We are very proud to be part of a team that will build this brand beyond the ‘event’, encouraging people to participate in cycling as sporting activity for a healthy lifestyle, and as an environmentally sound mode of transportation,” said Barnett.

Licensing of the Tour de France brand could be extended to additional product categories such as helmets, bicycle accessories, bike racks, and apparel accessories, said Greg Miller, director of licensing of MODA International Marketing, Inc.

For info on the UK availability of TdF branded bikes contact Ian Wilson at Jim Walker & Co.

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