New storage unit capable of storing two bikes separately

Asgard launches double-ended bike locker

Asgard has announced the launch of its new double-ended bike locker.

The new double-ended bike storage unit is designed to store two bikes separately and discreetly within the same locker. Intended as a space saving unit, Asgard’s latest release is aimed at providing an ideal solution in areas whereby space is restricted but bike security is important.

Unlike many others, the double-ended bike locker can be accessed from both ends, keeping the size of the unit to a minimum.

The two independently locking doors (three-point, pick resistant locks), a steel internal division and internal locking points ensure that two bikes can be secured entirely independently of each other inside the same unit.

The double-ended locker joins Asgard’s existing Bike Storage range, which currently offers galvanised steel storage units for cyclists who own a single bike, to those requiring secure bike storage for up to six bikes in the larger Centurion Bike Store. Furthermore, the new locker comes in two colours – dark green and brown – and is available now via the company’s website at £499.

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