Inspired by the fuel crisis, the 10 000 UK workers of Asda/Wal Mart are to be encouraged to cycle to work with the provision of subsidised bicycles

Asda staff to get cheap bikes

But will they buy them in direct from a current supplier or do a new deal with a bike trade company?

Whatever. Anyway this could be a either a ‘good thing’ for bike shops, or a ‘very, very bad thing.’ If Asda employees start cycling to work in droves, Asda will have to have cycle technicians in much the same way as the Post Office. If they outsource, that’s a great opportunity for bike shops. If they take the servicing in-house, Asda/Wal Mart will have a brilliant platform for servicing customer’s bikes too.

Get in touch with your local Asda store ASAP and see what they’re planning in your area!

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