Following four complaints, a leaflet sent to MPs last year urging them not to support Eric Martlew's kid lid bill has been censored by the Advertising Standards Authority. The leaflet was produced by the CTC, the London Cycling Campaign and the Cycle Campaign Network. Roger Geffen of the CTC said the amendments were "minor" and that the substantive points had been confirmed.

ASA rules against helmet leaflet from CTC, CCN and LCC

He also told that he’s proud CTC, CCN and LCC allowed the Advertising Standards Authority to adjudicate on the leaflet. Last year, a leaflet from the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust was also subject to a complaint but there was no open adjudication from the ASA because BHIT agreed to comply with the ASA’s recommendation in an "informal arrangement", one way of avoiding adverse publicity.

The CTC/CCN/LCC adjudication can be found here:…/Adjudication+Details.htm?Adjudication_id=39144

The "informally resolved" complaint against BHIT can be found here:…/ASA_Complaint?OpenDocument

An index of 40+ cycle helmet compulsion articles can be found here:…/article.php?id=3975

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