Back in May, reported that the building of the Airbus 380, the rapid spread of upland wind-farms and the growth in the Chinese economy was leading to a worldwide shortage of carbon-fibre. Most top-end bikes are now made from this 'black gold'. The British boss of Pro-Lite, a Taiwan-based component company, has reported that carbon-fibre supply for next season will be reduced from October by 40 percent.

As predicted, carbon-fibre shortage impacts on bike trade

Steve Fenton of Pro-Lite, a business based in Taiwan with a new sales office in Italy and a OE supplier to many high-end bicycle companies, said:

"Many unhappy suppliers in Taiwan today got told there supply for next season will be reduced from October by 40 percent as there is not enough material to go round."

This backs up the story from 6th May, see link below.

However, many bike suppliers saw the shortage coming and secured raw materials:

Ian Hughes, general manager of the Scott Sports Group, producer of the CR1 road bikes seen in the Tour de France, said

"We have securely managed our supply of High Modular Carbon Fibre (HMF) for the next season from our suppliers. Our factory, which produces our carbon frames exclusively for Scott, has been producing 2006 carbon frames for a few months now already, and we are confident through careful planning and buying forward, of our continued supply of carbon fibre.

"I cannot speak for other manufactures, or their suppliers, or their production."

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