According to a piece in 'Retail Week', the rates rebate system is being overloaded with spurious claims. It's reported that even some petrol stations in London have requested FMD-inspired rebates!

Are bogus FMD claims clogging up the system?

Lambert Smith Hampton rating chairman Charles Partridge told ‘Retail Week’, out today, that the government has created unrealistic expectations:

"Although the rating system can provide some assistance to these businesses, it is unlikely to be the saviour that politicians naively suggest."

Retailers can appeal against a rating assessment or seek hardship relief from their local billing authotity.

Charles Patridge said neither route is simple, and retailers face substantial obstacles in obtaining relief.

Urban petrol stations claiming rate relief isn’t as daft as it sounds. Less people visiting the countryside? Less people buying petrol to get there.

It’s a similar argument for urban IBDs. Many bikes bought from city bike shops are transported to the countryside to be used.

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