APPCG to discuss women and cycling in Parliament

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group will discuss women and cycling in Parliament next week.

Nine guest speakers will discuss why women are still underrepresented in the cycling market. The talks will include:

  • Academic research on why women do not cycle – Rachel Aldred, Westminster University
  • Making London safe for women cyclists – Claudia Corrigan, Transport for London
  • Breaking down barriers in the BAME women community – Hannah Chivers, Cycling UK
  • Women and cycle training – Philippa Robb
  • Neither do men – Katja Leyendecker, Northumbria University
  • BC’s coaching and participation strategy – Helen Hiley
  • Creating cycling communities for women – Sheridan Piggott, York Bike Belles
  • Making cycle retail accessible to women – Nigel Roberts, Trek Bikes

The meeting is taking place on Tuesday, November 29th from 4-6pm in Room A, 1 Parliament St (marked F, on this map). If you would like to attend, email

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