European Parliament MEPs have adopted a resolution from a UK MEP stating that China must "address the many concerns of EU industry, especially Intellectual Property Rights enforcements, national treatment, transparency and environmental, social and health standards." The European bicycle industry is "challenged" by China, say MEPs.

Anti-dumping tariffs are not enough, MEPs want to get tough with China

The call comes in an own-initiative report drawn up by Caroline Lucas, a member of the Greens/EFA grouping in the European parliament. Her resolution was adopted late last week by 567 votes in favour to 19 against, with 49 abstentions.

MEPs want the European Commission to offer effective backing to European companies regarding the "numerous cases of inadequate implementation or application by China" of WTO obligations.

"Parliament calls for measures to protect the intellectual property of EU firms. It calls on China not to put up bureaucratic barriers to trade, and to award public contracts in a transparent and fair manner," said a statement from the European Parliament.

MEPs believe "the challenges currently being faced by the textile, clothing and footwear sectors will soon be experienced by others, such as the bicycle, automobile and iron and steel industries, and that these are systemic in nature, requiring a longer term strategy for the EU’s international trade policy.

"Parliament calls on the Commission to monitor and regularly report on the extent to which Chinese competition is affecting EU industry, as well as on trends in outsourcing. MEPs note that relocations to China primarily affect the most vulnerable and least qualified workers…It asks the Commission to investigate the introduction of a European labelling scheme that would indicate country of origin, as well as social and environmental standards."

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