China's 48.5 and Vietnam's 34.5 per cent duties to hold steady

Anti dumping duties expected to remain the same until 2012

Bike Europe reports this morning that it is likely current anti dumping measures will remain in force until around August 2011.

Article 11 of the EU regulations reads: “A definitive anti-dumping measure shall expire five years from its imposition or five years from the date of the conclusion of the most recent review which has covered both dumping and injury, unless it is determined in a review that the expiry would be likely to lead to a continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury. Such an expiry review shall be initiated on the initiative of the Commission, or upon request made by or on behalf of Community producers, and the measure shall remain in force pending the outcome of such review.”

The EBMA is said to have now submitted a request for an expiry review. It is now down to the European Commission to publish a Notice of Initiation and begin investigations relating to where injury is likely to occur.

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