German battery cell specialist now has a catalogue of on and off road going electric bikes exclusive to the UK

Ansmann plugs into UK e-bike market

Rechargeable battery cell specialist Ansmann Energy has outlined to BikeBiz ambitious plans to challenge the electric bike market in the UK with a new line of power assist bikes, set to be available only domestically.

With the German manufacturer already producing OEM products for numerous labels selling in mainland Europe, the UK operation, based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire is now offering own label electric bikes to dealers nationwide.

Managing director of Ansmann UK, Paul Channell, told BikeBiz: "Prior to the electric bike launches, we were already working with brands such as Hope to produce rechargeable cells for their bike lights. We’ve now got stock of a catalogue of electric bikes, catering for the on and off- road cyclist at prices we think are very reasonable for the UK consumer and with strong spec choices on each build."

Beyond the bicycle range, Ansmann also stock conversion kits that are compatible with most bikes on the market and will run silently thanks to brushless motor technology.

We’ll have more on Ansmann in coming issues of BikeBiz, so if you’re interested in dipping a toe into the power-assist market, keep your eyes peeled.

Ansmann Energy: 0870 609 2233

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