Brand will honour commitments to existing customers; Electric bike systems constitute 75% of its existing e-bike business

Ansmann ceases e-bike production to work on electric bike systems

Ansmann is to cease its German production of fully assembled e-bikes by the middle of 2015.

That part of the business constitues around 25% of Ansmann’s e-bike division’s turnover and the largest proportion of costs in terms of manufacturing, storage, plant and manpower in the e-bike division.

Ansmann is instead to focus on its core competences (the remaining 75%), including e-bike electric systems, motors, battery packs and charging technology.

The company said: "The extra capacity that will be freed up from this change will be invested in strengthening and expanding these competences and will allow them to develop the E-Bike Electric Systems to a higher level, by working more closely with the Industrial Solutions team.

"At present, work is being done to develop a new CAN bus smart rear motor system to allow more information to be sent to the user to show, for example – remaining battery capacity at current average battery usage and remaining distance achievable with the present riding style.

"From ANSMANN UK we are continuing to supply our E-Bike Electric Systems in the form of Retro-fit Kits and we are sure that in the future you will see more of these systems on the European market via our ever expanding OEM customers.

"ANSMANN UK would like to point out that this will not affect our commitment to our existing customers with regards to warranties."

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