Richard Hardy wins compensation following fall from his mountain bike

Another cyclist successfully sues over ‘bike fault’

Halfords has had to pay an undisclosed amount, believed to be into four-figures, to a cyclist who fell from his bicycle when its wheel ‘buckled’.

Richard Hardy from Exeter bought the Carrera Fury mountain bike in February 2006. Three months down the line he was ‘violently thrown’ from the bike when the front wheel suddenly collapsed.

The case, in the words of an Exeter cycle retailer who did not wish to be named, "opens the flood-gates for similar claims. People will pick up on this article and blame the retailer every time something goes wrong. This guy took a chance in court and won."

The Exeter Express and Echo reported on Tuesday that Hardy sustained nerve damage to one arm and also quotes Hardy as saying he "Wasn’t going very fast, on tarmac."

Halfords has allegedly fought the claim for nearly two years.

The case echoes the claim by Alan Ide against ATB sales, who on appeal, lost their case. In this case, despite expert opinions to the contrary, the handlebars on a Marin bicycle were ruled to be at fault. The original story can be found here. ATB declined to comment as the case has not yet been entirely settled.

The Exeter Express and Echo article can be found here.

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