If Blue Peter can do it, so can Singletrack. No, not nurture an uber-Ulrika fan, launch a painting competition. "Design the perfect half page ad for your shop and if we think it's as good as you do we will publish it for free in the next issue of Singletrack." But it's only open to IBDs. Er, that's bike shops with windows, counters, cups of tea and stuff...

“And here’s one I prepared earlier…”

"Listen up children. Spit that chewing gum out and sharpen your pencils," says Singletrack’s Mark Alker, a former teacher.

"In each issue of Singletrack we will be running our ad design competition exclusively open to all UK bike shops.

"We are looking for ads that not only promote your business but also fit in with the design and ethos of Singletrack. Designs that are likely to impress us are ads that promote your shop without resorting to the clumsy tactic of actually including prices. Ads that push the services you provide and the coffee you brew are what we like.

"Designs can be final press ready works on disc, low resolution images by email or concept sketches done with felt tips or even none-sharp crayons. So long as the design concept gets across to us that’s fine. But no sodding Microsoft Word jobs please.

"If you win then you will be responsible for supplying the ad in final press ready format to our specifications. We can offer an ad design service via our mag designers, T+A Design for £125 to polish up your design and make it mag ready.

"Copy deadline for the December issue is fast approaching which gives you about two weeks to get your fine art in to us.

"Judging is entirely at our discretion and final. We reserve the right to disqualify ads that clash with our shirts and fully expect to reap the whirlwind of our bad taste on the BikeBiz bulletin board."

Send entries to:

Singultrak Ad Pikchure compitishun

6-8 Oxford Street



OL14 5PU

Email: mark@singletrackworld.com

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