UK Birdy agent Alan Davidson to represent dealer direct Amazing Wheels of the Netherlands

Alan Davidson fronts for Amazing Wheels

Amazing Wheels UK will be run by Alan Davidson, the UK agent for the Birdy folders from Riese und Müller, and former co-publisher of late 1990s transportation alternatives catalogue enCycleopedia.

“The timing is good as there is a general increased awareness and interest in cycling," said Davidson.

"Amazing Wheels is all about well-designed, high-quality bicycle products using state of the art technology."

Amazing Wheels has 25 employees, a design department, warehousing in Holland and its own production facility in Taiwan.

"Having established an impressive network of specialist dealers throughout Benelux they are now bringing their knowledge and expertise to the UK," said Davidson.

"We will continue to act as agents for Riese und Müller, but we are also distributing Swiss Flyer, Viva, Footbike and own brand, Dutch-ID. The Dutch-ID range offers style and innovation as well as practicality for everyday cycling.

"Function with style is a common theme throughout our range, for instance the elegant Danish-designed Viva bikes combine high quality with cool style at competitive prices. We are also carrying the Swiss Flyer range of pedelecs. Pedelecs have really taken off in a big way on the continent and we see great potential for them over here too. Our Swiss Flyer range is without doubt the best quality on the market. Made in Switzerland by Biketec the range includes hybrids, folders, even carbon fibre and tandems. All the Swiss Flyer bikes are designed as pedelecs from the outset and really look the part,” said Davidson.

“We do not sell directly to the public and finding the right dealer is crucial to the success of this venture. We are offering competitive margins and an incremented rebate scheme based on a dealer’s annual turnover forecast.”

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