The Talking Spokes LED from Hyena Games Ltd mentioned on this site in February 2000 and again in April this year is still waiting for a manufacturer but time waits for no man: a similar product is now commercially available. Made in Taiwan.

Air-writing LED spoke unit makes it to market (but it’s not the Brit product)

The three-man Worldwide Trading Company of Durham is starting to sell LED-spoke air-writers under the Cyclite brand name.

Currently selling via a website for £14.99, Cyclites will also be made available to the trade, on 50 percent discount terms.

Cyclite units can be programmed with up to six personalised messages and such personalisation is done by consumers via software downloadable from WTC’s website, or by WTC for a fee. IBDs could also charge for programming the units.

The air-writing capability of the units kicks in at only 5mph.

Shop owners could ride around town at night with Buy from Bloggs Cycles as their text; Critical Massers could flash rude messages at motorists; and children could spell out swear words to upset anybody over 45.

WTC has booked an advert in Match, the football magazine, and this airs next week. Match is read by 50 000 13-17 year old boys. The main promotional graphic for the air-writing unit is football-oriented to tie in with the World Cup.

The 3 volt Cyclite has passed BSI tests and so the packaging carries the CE mark.

Product is currently ‘on the water’ and full stocks will be availble in mid-July.

IBDs who sign up with WTC will be listed on the Cyclite website.

Tel: 0191 3737549


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