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Ahead of another BM-Xmas…

Following a deluge of stock news from distributors of BMX completes and a ‘what’s selling pre-Christmas thread’ on the forum returning an almost unanimous verdict on 20-inch bikes being the festive season’s money makers, here’s a run down of what’s in stock across the board. If you haven’t already, you can still grab:

Hot Wheels – Russell Merry, MD
“Hot wheels still has stock of about ten models across the GT and Mongoose range below a retail of £250. There are some we are sold out of, but we certainly have bikes to sell. Many dealers report BMX is thriving and the parts business is doing really well too. The re-launch of Xposure has been a huge success and last week we had a 40ft container full of Eclat stuff arrive. This week we had a mixed container of WTP and Salt arrive. These are the biggest shipments we have ever had of parts in 27 years. The BMX industry will carry on after Christmas and we will restock in January.”

4Down – Dean Hearne, product designer
"We Just had our second order of 2009 Fit Bikes leading up to Christmas. The 2009 Fit range was one of the first available in stores with bikes on the shop floor before the end of August and with this shipment coming it now it means our dealers will again be fully stocked on all bikes in the range leading up to Christmas,
At the moment FBM’s pretty much sold out and we also receive our first drop of United bikes late November, which is mostly pre-sold. We also have another order of United completes due in the first week in December, with some models from this batch also close to being sold out."

Spit Second – Dan Haynes, sales manager
"We have once again taken steps to ensure that all four of our brands – Ruption, Blank, Stolen and the mega-popular Eastern – will have plenty of free-stock in the run-up to Christmas, even after the masses of pre-orders have been taken care of.
With price points ranging from £169.99 right through to £749.99, we have every RRP catered for, as well as bikes of every kind of spec, from entry-level through intermediate and up to pro."

Scoop – Mason Smith, MD
"We’ve just taken delivery of DK completes, so at this moment stock is good and we’re taking orders – although, I anticipate good sales this month. The Lower-end stock will no doubt deplete the fastest, as will those on that have been back ordered."

2×2 – Scott Hillyard, sales director
"Every man and his dog is after BMX at the moment as distributors have mostly run out. After the successful launch of the Shogun BMX at Earl’s Court we did indeed sell out of the initial shipments, but our final pre-Xmas shipment comes in late November, on all three models. We have back orders but there is some spare stock on all bikes and they have not yet suffered a price rise, so £159 still gets the entry level Kogatana with three-piece cranks."

Ison – Pat Campbell-Jenner, Sales
"For the most part, low-end KHE bikes are sold completely as the demand has been high all year. We’ve another shipment of mid-to-high-end bikes due pre-Christmas, so there will be good stock of these in December."

Coyote –Iain Pollitt-Walmsey
Our Coyote brand has good stock levels and price ranges go up to £249. Coyote’s other BMX brand Rooster has less immediate stock, but we will be receiving a shipment in December should any dealers need last minute stock. There are plenty of back orders to send out on the Rooster models, but we’ll have stock through December, I’m sure. Price points for this brand begin at £139. Something I must crow about is the fact we’ve got some original Skyway Tuff2 wheels in black, something dealers are snapping up very quickly."

Reece – Jason Boness, product manager
"Our very first shipment of the new Free Agent bikes is due the first week of December and is made up largely of Christmas-market friendly freestyle models. Around ten per cent are pre-sold, yet we’ve had a good response from our dealers so expect good sales through December."

Shiner – anon, Shiner sales dept
"We’ve got pretty good stock across the board, so any dealers looking to place orders can. Verde completes have sold incredibly well and at present stock is slightly down, but we’re anticipating a fresh delivery in the first week of December. Both SE Bikes and the Redline brand are in good supply too.

Seventies – Antony Roberts, finance and IT manager
"Recent business has been manic all round and for the most part stock of our completes is pre-sold. However, we do have a 15 to 20 per cent of our last Subrosa shipment left, including many in the low to mid-end range. Due to manufacturing delays on the third shipment of Kink bikes, sadly there won’t be any more available this side of Christmas. The first two deliveries have pre-sold. There is one more Hoffman Bikes delivery in December, but this, for the most part is sold in advance. We do still have bikes left though, so give us a call."

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