April Fool's Day Klaxon (however, we quite like the look of this one)

AFD: Brooklyn Bicycle unveils quintuple top-tube model

April Fool’s Day Klaxon: Recreational bike brand Brooklyn Bicycle Co has today introduced the Fulton 3 speed. 

The quintuple top-tube model Fulton – named, as are all of Brooklyn Bicycle’s models, for iconic Brooklyn thoroughfares – mark’s the brands deepest dive into high style bikes since their launch in 2011. The brand’s portfolio now includes thirteen distinct models, all in the recreational space.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. President Ryan Zagata said: “The double top tube on the Driggs & Calyer has always been tremendously popular with our customers. The more we pondered, it became apparent that we needed more top tubes and from an engineering and aesthetic perspective, five became the magic number. We were both thrilled and proud to learn that nobody had previously accomplished such a feat.”

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