Singletrack mag wants bike industry companies to wake up to the potential of podcasts. The Singletrack podcast is the first cycling podcast in the iTunes sports category and number 14 out of 2150 sports podcasts, bested only by football podcasts from major media players such as The Guardian and BBC Radio Five Live. PLUS: check out the fantastic three-minute trailer for the long-awaited 'Roam' MTB DVD.

Advertise on podcasts, says multi-media publisher

“Our total download bandwidth for podcasts is 1053.87Gb,” said Singletrack’s Mark Alker.

“That’s over a terrabyte, roughly the equivalent storage space of twenty laptops.”

And such popularity means the Singletrack podcast would be an excellent place for bike companies to advertise, said Alker.

“We are looking to commercialise our podcasts to offer the bike industry a new medium to promote themselves on. At this stage it’s a pretty blank canvass and we are open to ideas, from simple ‘in association with…’ logos displayed during the credits to full on TV-style ads running during the podcast.”

Singletrack has run audio-only podcasts as well as videocasts. Both could have graphics inserted. Podcast listeners who access podcasts via web browsers or iTunes, or who download to colour iPods, can watch any photos inserted in the podcast.

Got corporate footage on a DVD? This can be cracked into and cut into a videocast advert.

“Ready-made ads would be preferable but we can edit video footage and offer design services,” said Alker.

“If it’s simple logo placement in credits all we need is logo artwork. It’s all flexible really and the idea is that rather than come up with a hard and fast list of options, the bike industry could get their creative heads on and work with us to come up with ideas.

“We’ve got this new medium that can provide a whole new avenue for bike industry promotion and we want to invite the bike industry at large to come up with suggestions on how to exploit it.”

And podcasts do not have to be for the world’s 42-million iPod owners only. Audio and video podcasts can be uploaded to YouTube for viewing on standard web-browsers. These podcasts can be subscribed to, for free, just like in iTunes. Podcasts placed in Video Google can be downloaded to video iPods, PCs and Macs, and Sony PSP players.

The ‘CYCLING: news and views’ videocast featured yesterday starts and finishes with corporate video materials from a DVD inserted into the podcast.

Singletrack’s podcasts usually appear on its RSS podcast website three or four days before being plugged on Podcasts download to iTunes, and other RSS 2.0 aggregators, automatically so subscribers get ‘sneak previews’ of the podcasts. The current Singletrack video podcast – not yet featured on Singletrack’s website – includes material from the ‘Roam’ DVD.

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