Magazine pitched at women features mix of sports and hits second issue this month

Action and adventure mag Coven hits the newsstands

A new female-focused magazine named Coven has launched in the market, covering ‘action, art and adventure’.

Already distributed via cycle retailers and cafes including Look Mum No Hands and Kye Forte’s Pro cycle Centre – as well as outlets like the Design Museum, Magma and clothing stores – Coven features a wide array of sports, including cycling and snow sports.

Coven founder Juliett Elliott told BikeBiz that she has firm plans to grow the fledgling mag, the second edition of which hit the market in July.

“My ambition is to build the magazine into a bigger and better publication, with bigger budgets for shoots and travel and there access to more athletes.

“So far we’ve been lucky to work with some amazing brands, and we want to keep delivering for both our advertisers and our readers.”

Issue one contained a strong bike focus, but Elliott explained she’s striving to feature a consistent combination of sports.

“Each issue aims to have a variety of sports, artists and photography. Although I’m careful not to overdo the bikes as I would like a strong mix of sports, with there being so many different kinds of riding which interest people, a lot does end up in there.”

The creation of Coven came about from a dissatisfaction with the lack of titles aimed at her demographic, Elliott told BikeBiz: “I felt frustrated at the lack of quality publications for women like myself, and I guess I just realised that if I wanted to do something about that, I was in a really strong position to do so. The more people I spoke to, the more it confirmed my belief that there was a market for what I was planning.”

Elliott added: “There are a lot of women out there who like inspiring stories, quality products and travel pieces pegged at the women who like a little comfort and have money to spend.”

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