The Association of Cycle Traders is launching a census of all CyTech accredited bike shop employees as the first step in a plan to establish the training and accreditation scheme as the industry’s benchmark quality service brand.

ACT to conduct census of IBD staffers

Mark Brown from the ACT said: “There are over 2000 individuals with some level of CyTech qualification and this number is continuing to grow which is very positive for the independent sector. However, one of the biggest challenges we face is keeping track of qualified individuals as they move around the trade from business to business or into other industries completely. With big plans to promote CyTech accredited shops and their staff to consumers it’s important we know exactly where people are so the right businesses and staff benefit.”

The ACT is to ask shop owners and qualified staff to contact them to confirm details of their CyTech accreditations. The association needs to know the name of the qualified persons concerned plus details of their CyTech accreditation and current employment. All details are then cross-referenced with a central CyTech database. This database will become a key part of future promotions which will highlight not only which shops are accredited but also the number and level of individual CyTech qualifications held within a business, said Brown.

“CyTech is all about recognising excellent service delivered by dedicated people. To promote these qualities we need to make sure all CyTech accredited staff are correctly registered on our database and we can only achieve this with a joint effort. The short time taken to complete our census will really pay-off as we develop our promotional plans and consumers begin to recognise the brand as a symbol of quality service.”

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